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Cingular Verzion T-mobile Sprint Nextel



Motorola i530b
Motorola i530-Black

..Vibracall Alert
..Voice Record Capable
..Downloadable Ring Tones


Motorola i836
Motorola i836

..The Smallest and Lightest Push-to-talk Phone On The Market Today
..Supports Nextel Direct Connect And Group Connect Services
..Push-to-Send A Contact or Push-to-Send My Info To Co-workers
..Voice Activated Dialing
..Color Display With Over 65,000 Colors
..Send Text and Multimedia Messages to Friends


Motorola i830 Bronze
Motorola i830-Bronze

..65K Color Display
..Ultra Compact Design
..Voice Activated Dialing
..GPS Enabled


Motorola i860 (Camera Phone)
Motorola i860

..Large Internal & External Color Display
..Built-in Camera
..Multimedia Messaging
..Push to Send contact information instantly
..Picture Caller ID
..Video Record and Playback
..MP3 ringtones