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LG VX4700

$149.99 price- 50.00

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Push to Talk

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Internet Ready

Voice Dialing

Color Screen

Kyocera KX444




- 50.00

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2-year contract




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Basic Information
Talk time: 197 minutes
Standby time: 96 hours
Size: 1.93H x 4.49W x 1.09D inches
Weight: 4.31 oz

Basic Features


Color Display

Voice-Activated Dialing


TTY Compatible

Motorola V65p
$119.99  price
- 50.00  online discount
2-year contract
1-year contract
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Basic Information
Talk time: 202 minutes
Standby time: 91 hours
Size: 3.42H x 1.77W x 1.22D inches
Weight: 4.8 oz

Basic Features

bulletVoice-activated dialing
bulletDate Book with Calendar
bulletMeets FCC SAR limit. Manufacturer's highest FCC reported SAR 1.45 at ear, 0.98 on body. Actual SAR may vary